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The Snowballs are Growing

Each time an interview is published or broadcast, I receive feedback including terrific examples illustrating the book’s advice. I feel as though I’m pushing small snowballs off the edge of the hill and watching them roll along, growing ever larger as they gather story upon story. Here’s a sample after Erin Anderssen’s article "The key to aging well: Laugh it up" was published in The Globe and Mail, on Friday April 2, 2010.

Merrillicious posted this feedback on the Globe and Mail website about the article. “So true. Grandma #1 (95) is totally losing her memory and struggles to remember which granddaughter I am, but is hilarious to be around and never complains. Grandma #2 (71) has all her marbles, but is one steady stream of complaints and nasty gossip. I love them both, but I'd much rather visit the lady who can't always remember my name, but will always have something nice to say.”

Patricia sent me this e-mail. “Yesterday my 91-year-old dad arrived for a visit, after a 7-hour drive from his home, so he could meet his new 6-month-old first great-grandson. After breakfast this morning he and his friend who had accompanied him on the trip, were talking about an article they had just read in today's Globe and Mail about aging. [yours] My dad said that what he had just read was exactly how a good life is lived. His friend, who will be 70 this year, said she is eager to buy the book because what the article explored totally resonated with her. What an important conversation you have stimulated amongst us who are on our way.”

Ellen Roseman will be writing a series in the Toronto Star on upcoming Sundays that will look at how to plan for life beyond full-time work. How much do you need to save? Are you on the right track? What if you haven't started yet? Her April 4 article titled “Canadian consumers are weaker” quoted You Could Live a Long Time: Are You Ready? in discussing the challenges raised by longer life spans. “Many seniors she [Green] spoke to found it helpful to plan ahead and establish some clear goals. ‘Thinking about your financial future could mean a future where you won't need to think about finances,’ Green says.” I look forward to reading Roseman’s insights.



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