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Reader Review: "Great Resource"

"I have just finished reading The Perfect Home For a Long Life. You have done an amazing job of laying out the stark realities of aging and accommodation with optimism and hope for people moving into this period of their lives.  I particularly liked the examples in the final chapter where you show how one's whole life is in fact a preparation for your growing needs as you age - the projects one puts effort into, the caring for others and the building up of a community. I am sitting on the board of my condo and finding out how things run. As I am interested in doing some renovations to join my two units together I realize that the Condo needs a defined process for something like this to happen as it has an impact on the 'Common Elements'. By being on the board and learning more about how a condo works I can shepherd such a bylaw through the next AGM  and so clarify things for myself and for others down the road. All of this takes time so I can see that I am doing some of the forward planning that you recommend.
I also work with Cornerstone here in Ottawa which is the reality of what you described in the section Religious/Ethnocultural/Spiritual Communities.
I have spoken of your book to many of my contemporaries - many have read your first book and are anxious to read this one.  I think it is a great resource. You have included many practical solutions but it is the voices and experiences of all those you interviewed that make it more than a handbook of facts."
Peggy Lister, Ottawa 


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