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The Housing Boomers Book/Study Club

In The Perfect Home For a Long Life, I discuss reasons for optimism when it comes to housing ourselves for the future. One reason is the wave of retirees who are applying their expertise to senior housing issues. Pat Kipping is a perfect example. She is using the skills she developed through a career in community and fund development to spur people in Nova Scotia to develop creative housing options for an aging population. Pat was the catalyst for the book launch held last week in Halifax, hosted by reBoom, a program of the Northwood Community Centre. The evening was a spirited discussion with a group of some 60 people. The icing on the cake was a splendid acapella performance by "Mom & I" (Pat Brennan-Alpert and daughter Katie Guitton) who had scoured the musical landscape for songs about our home. At the event, Pat invited people to form a "Housing Boomers Book/Study Club" and signed up about a dozen enthusiastic participants. 

Here's some feedback from the evening. "One friend had read both of your books by the next day. She is in the throes of making some very difficult decisions about her retirement, which she is already two years into. Reading your books helped move her to think in ways that her friends have been trying, unsuccessfully, to do for a few years. I'm sure there are thousands of stories like that. This book will help move our whole generation!"

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