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Praise for Ready to Retire?

I am holding an advance copy of Ready to Retire? and it looks gorgeous. Patrick Crean and the team at HarperCollins have done a terrific job.  Look for the book in stores after January 6 and you can pre-order the book online now. A book launch is scheduled for January 18 in Toronto. I'll post more information about that event soon. Here is some feedback from early readers. Most gratifying!

 “Lyndsay Green doesn’t prescribe, much less preach. Instead, she brings together sixty-one men and women who have lived through just about every variation on the subject (including non-retirement) and lets them talk. The result is a book that will speak to anyone who is within shouting distance of retirement, with common sense, encouragement and wisdom.”

    —Katherine Ashenburg, author of The Dirt on Clean: An Unsanitized History

“Insightful, comprehensive, incredibly helpful. As a ‘delayed retiree’ I found Lyndsay’s book touched on every issue that I have been thinking about. It’s not a retirement roadmap, but it tells me how to develop one!”

    —The Hon. John Manley, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada

“A most interesting and helpful study of the new realities faced by those like myself who are now contemplating retirement and reinvention.”

     —The Hon. R. Roy McMurtry, O.C., O.Ont, QC LSM, Former Chief Justice of Ontario

“If you think aging and retirement inevitably means drink, depression, divorce and dementia, you better think again. Instead, read Lyndsay Green’s Ready to Retire?, which deftly combines anecdote, literature, philosophy and social science to give the intelligent reader enlightenment through insight and empathy. Give this book to a dad, husband or friend who is contemplating retirement or who has already retired. I guarantee they will thank you.”

     —Michael Adams, President of the Environics Institute

“Is there life after work? In this insightful and generous book, Lyndsay Green challenges our assumptions about aging and retirement. Green finds that retirement is often one of the richest stages of life. Read this book. It will inspire and encourage you, and change how you think about what it means to grow older and ‘retire.’”

     —Bernie Lucht, former Executive Producer of CBC Radio’s Ideas

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