What’s Your Legacy
Monday, April 23, 2018 at 05:00PM
Lyndsay Green

When we hear about someone who has been killed in a car accident we regret the senseless loss of life and grieve for those who have lost their loved one. We are also reminded of our own mortality. These stories about lives that are cut short abruptly without forewarning are deeply disturbing because we assume our life stretches off into the far distance. We like to think we’ll have plenty of time to think about our legacy; time to compose meaning to our lives; time to figure out our life’s purpose; time to make amends, time to clean up our messy lives. But what if we don’t? Would our time on earth have made a difference to anyone or anything? What would we be leaving behind for those we love? What responsibilities would be left dangling? These are the tough questions I’m exploring in my latest book on legacy.

The book examines the multiple elements, both material and non-material, that form a legacy - from living a conscious life that makes a contribution, to writing our wills and recording our lives. You’ll find stories about people trying to align their lives with their values and those who are struggling to write equitable wills. Interspersed with these widely shared challenges are eclectic tales about bequeathing tattoos and accounts of legacy bots using artificial intelligence so our digital selves can live forever.

I wrote the book for people of all ages because our one precious life could end any day. And the book offers insights for everyone regardless of assets. My findings are a reminder that we’ll be leaving a legacy – like it or not – so we’d be wise to pay attention. By living with an eye to a-future-without-us we benefit doubly by enhancing our present at the same time as we are forming our future legacy.  Look for the book in late December/ early January.

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