"Leaving A Legacy: How To Transition Into An Encore Career" January 6, 2016. Read it here on Huffington Post Canada.








Lyndsay’s essay on aging, wisdom and beauty is included in I Feel Great About My Hands … And Other Unexpected Joys of Aging, edited by Shari Graydon and published by Douglas and MacIntyre in spring 2011. The book is a collection of reflections of women celebrating the sometime surprising benefits of life after 50. Shari asked some very good writers and very funny women to write about beauty and aging and the result is a rollicking good read about getting old. Lyndsay’s piece is titled “Turkey Flap Wisdom’ and she participated in Shari’s book launches at the National Art Centre cabaret in Ottawa and Ben McNally’s in Toronto. After the NAC performance, Shari was approached by a 30-year old woman  who wailed, “I wish I could be 50!”  You can watch an edited version of the show on Shari’s website. All proceeds from the book support Media Action and the Informed Opinions project. Read more on Shari's blog.
 Babies Aboard (how to sail with babies four years of age and under) was published in 1990 and is still available over two decades later. The book features Lyndsay's sailing adventures with her two babies, along with stories from 30 other boating families. Parenting says, "The complete guide for new parents who don't want to give up boating, Babies Aboard eases their anxieties and misgivings about having a child on board with practical advice and safety tips."




Articles for the Literary Review of Canada

 “Life in the Afternoon” A review of Stayin’ alive: how Canadian baby boomers will work, play, and find meaning in the second half of their adult lives by Michael Adams Literary Review of Canada. Vol 19, No. 2, March 2011. Read it here

“Here They Come” A review of The Geography of Aging: Preparing Communities for the Surge in Seniors by Gerald Hodge Literary Review of Canada. Vol 17, No. 4, May 2009