Teens Gone Wired: Are You Ready?

The digital revolution has left many parents feeling intimidated by the world their teens inhabit and they worry that they lack the experience to parent effectively. Teens Gone Wired: Are You Ready? examines today’s parenting challenges from the totality of the teen experience. The book combines advice from dozens of parents and teens with a wealth of recommended sources, including links to many online support systems.  All of the key debates that parents are having with their wired teens are discussed, including:

  * Fun vs. Obsession
  * Sharing vs. Indiscretion
  * Forging an Identity vs. Performing for an   Audience
  * Real Friends vs. Virtual Friends
  * Sexual Well-Being vs. Sexual Health
  * Privacy vs. Anonymity
  * Education vs. Entertainment
  * Your Teen’s Issues vs. Your Own Issues

By recounting stories from  families who’ve been there and providing practical tips, the book shores up parents’ confidence and gives parents the tools they need to raise today’s teens. Green emphasizes the critical role for parents in mediating their teens’ experiences with both the digital and the real world.  While the book is unflinching in acknowledging the trials that parents face today, it supports the author's optimism that parents are not only capable of doing a good job, they can have fun along the way.

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Pub date: September 10, 2011