The Well-Lived Life

Legacy is about who we are and how we will be remembered. In this thought-provoking book, bestselling author Lyndsay Green compels us to think about our legacy and consider how we would feel if we knew our life would soon be over. We assume that we’ll have time to think about our legacy; time to compose meaning for our lives; time to figure out our life’s purpose; time to make amends; time to clean up our messy lives.

But what if we don’t? Would our time on Earth have made a difference to anyone or anything? What would we be leaving behind for those we love? What responsibilities would be left dangling? Green’s premise is that living with an eye to a future without us both enhances our present and shapes our legacy. With this awareness, we can lead inspired and fulfilled lives.

Green examines the multiple facets that form a legacy, both material and non-material—from living a conscious life that makes a contribution, to writing our wills and recording our lives. She intersperses stories about struggles to align lives with values and efforts to write equitable wills, with eclectic tales about bequeathing tattoos and legacy bots using artificial intelligence so our digital selves can live forever.

She wrote this book for people of all ages because our one precious life could end any day, and she offers insights for everyone regardless of assets. Her findings emphasize that since we’ll be leaving a legacy—like it or not—we’d be wise to pay attention to what it will be.


"I remember interviewing a famous actor a few years ago and asking ‘How do you want to be remembered?’ His answer was simple: ‘I don’t care, I’ll be dead.’  Cute, but I’m not sure he was really serious.  I think all of us, no matter our age, worry a little bit about the legacy we leave behind. But what do we do about trying to frame our legacy?  What can we do? Lyndsay Green’s latest must-read book lays out some effective ideas and you will be amazed at just how many smart and unique paths she finds that can influence the way we are remembered."  Peter Mansbridge 

“This book could just as well be called 'A Travel Guide to the Journey that Matters Most -- Your Life.'  Lyndsay Green has done a fabulous job of answering all the essential life questions that loom for all of us, and she does it with grace, humour and fastidious research. Her message is clear and most welcome: there's still plenty of time to get it right..."       Roy MacGregor, author of Canoe Country 

“A warm, practical guide full of stories and inspiration — it resonates and reassures.  Read this book when you’re ready to stop taking your life for granted, and you wish you could ask a grounded, clear-eyed friend for advice.”       Sarah Selecky, author of Radiant Shimmering Light