Exciting updates! 

I’m being given some terrific media opportunities to discuss the book. Peter Mansbridge interviewed me for his program One on One and Susan Pigg wrote an article for the Toronto Star titled “Age is just a stage in her long life.”  Upcoming events include TVOntario’s The Agenda with Steve Paiken and CBC’s noon hour phone-in show Ontario Today. You can check these out by clicking on Media.

The viewer/reader response to these shows has been remarkable.  Here is a taste of the mail I’ve been getting. After watching the Mansbridge interview, Ian wrote, “I always look forward to watching Peter's Sat. night program and last night’s was particularly fascinating. You are very articulate and know your subject. I am in my twilight years but this will be an excellent, interesting book. I agree that attitude is so important - being positive, and I have lived by that.” Shaunna wrote, “Now you gave John, 53, a BOOST to START sculling himself.” Peggy says, “Finally! You sing my song! I should be working towards "retirement" but that will never happen because I have way too many interests and things I want to try before my time to go arrives.  I've returned to college, about to embark on a lifestyle change I've dreamed about (yes I'm moving to the start a few small businesses and socialize more with our neighbours who we have already met before moving in).  And I plan to continue working - for my own growth and mental health.  I want to keep living until I can't live anymore.”

But there are a few quibbles. As I anticipated, a reader wrote to complain, quite appropriately, that I was setting a bad example by not wearing a helmet in The Star photo that showed me on the ski hill. “I ski with lots of active people even into their late eighties and at least 95% now wear helmets”, he says, “because accidents do happen unfortunately.”  Susan Pigg and I laughed because I had made a similar comment when she requested a skiing photo of me sans helmet. Her response to the reader explained this. “Lyndsay took her helmet off for the photo -- at my request -- so that her face would show because, as you know, it is almost impossible to see what someone looks like with a helmet and goggles on.” The reader was satisfied. “I’m glad she skis safely with a helmet.”

The locations and dates for the eight-city book launch tour are confirmed and you can find them under Events, including links to directions. I hope to see you there.


Website Launch!

We’re launching You Could Live a Long Time: Are You Ready? with events in Toronto, Victoria, Vancouver, London, Ottawa, Kingston, Montreal and Halifax. These Recognize Our Role Models events will launch the book and acknowledge and celebrate our role models. We are putting into action the book’s message: We have a lot to learn from our elders. Many of the role models interviewed for the book will be coming to the nearest launch, and others are bringing their own role models who are over the age of 75. All the role models will be given a button to wear that says “I’m a Role Model”. 

The Toronto launch will be April 7, Victoria’s event will be April 11, and I’ll be in Montreal on May 2 speaking at Paragraphe’s Books and Breakfast. The details for these events can be found by clicking on Events and this is where we’ll be adding the dates and locations for the other cities.  People are responding enthusiastically to this opportunity to thank their role models. Here is how they describe their guests. “I’m inviting my beloved friend and mentor who is a 76 year-old nun and one of the wisest and most progressive women I know. I've known her since I was 12.” “I’m bringing my role model - a family friend who kept us all laughing during the early years.” “My girlfriend is bringing an 80-year old that has climbed Everest!”  These are going to be extraordinary gatherings!

But you don’t have to wait for the launch to celebrate your role model. Click the link on the upper right hand side “Want to celebrate your own role model?” to access our Role Model Certificates. These can be printed out and filled in to celebrate the people that have influenced you. Also, if you have any photos of role models that you think we should be including in our photo album please send them to us.

You can follow the book tour on twitter and through the photos we’ll be posting on flickr.

Please join us on the tour if you can!


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